America’s Cup, Russell Coutts incontra la stampa internazionale

America’s Cup – Valencia – Nel tardo pomeriggio odierno, il CEO di BMW Oracle Racing, Russell Coutts, ha incontrato la stampa internazionale. Di seguito pubblichiamo il video e l’audio integrali.

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America’s Cup – Valencia – By late afternoon, BMW Oracle Racing’s CEO, Russell Coutts, has met the international press. Sorry for the delay to post the video, but the file is very large and in the hotel I can upload no more than 22 kb/sec.

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  1. Dave Carlson scrive:

    The closest literary comparison to these competitors is portrayed in the classic American cinema: Tit for Tat with Laurel and Hardy, in which their electrical products store is destroyed by their neighbor, whose grocery store is also destroyed. Over nothing.

  2. Steve Alloway scrive:

    Keep up the good work guys, we love it down under :-)

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