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A distanza di poche ore dal report di questa mattina, giunge in redazione la notizia che Virgin Money si è ritirato e sta facendo...

[singlepic=612,250,170,,left]Vela e record – Saint George – A distanza di poche ore dal report di questa mattina, giunge in redazione la notizia che Virgin Money si è ritirato e sta facendo rotta verso Saint George nelle isole Bermuda, dove dovrebbe arrivare verso le 23 di oggi. La decisione è stata presa in seguito a quanto accaduto la notte scorsa, quando un’onda anomala ha raggiunto Speedboat da poppa, provocando ingenti danni a bordo dell’unità di cui è skipper Mike Sanderson.

Per leggere il blog di Richard Branson clicca qui.

Sir Richard Branson announces: “Trans-atlantic record hopes dashed”
[Team Origin Press Release] Crew of Virgin Money currently sailing through the Bermuda triangle on way to Saint George, where will arrive on 9.00 pm (GMT).

Below is a transcript from the telephone press conference held with the boat at 2.00 pm GMT, friday 24th october:
Sir Richard Branson, co-skipper:
“…an eventful trip, 40 ft waves, massive wave over the back that took one of liferafts, all harnessed in so safe, mended the ripped mainsail a bit but not enough so had to abandon the attempt, now on way to bermuda, fantastic downwind sail right now, amazing group of sailors with Mike and Ben onboard and British America’s Cup guys, ready to fight another day, could be another chance over next few weeks or else wait till next Spring, still very committed to breaking this record, the boat did great”.

Mike Sanderson, co-skipper:
“A pretty exciting trip, tough forecast from the outset, late in the season but potentially a very fast time, no lady luck with us, part of damaged main was not repairable which put us 1 day outside of the record hence the decision to abandon as it was no longer a viable challenge, we’re all fit and well and in good shape, onwards and upwards”.

Ben Ainslie:
“…echo their words, very disappointed to pull out, amazing experience for me, awesome piece of kit, in the future this boat is well able to break the record, look forward to having another go”.

Holly Branson:
“Amazing and exciting experience, didn’t have to wear my medical hat for anything too serious, just some painkillers needed, happy now to be heading to Bermuda for sun and nice food!”.

Sam Branson:
“Amazing experience, took a day to get our sea legs and then had to give up when we were into it, great to see the sailing guys at the top of their game, all hands on deck, with more luck in the future we can take this record”.

Alex Jackson, owner and Co-Skipper:
“I am very happy with the boats performance, hard to maintain target speed of 20 knots in such difficult conditions, worrying with such big waves, I am excited about the boat’s potential”

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