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L'Associazione di Classe Mumm 30 si rinnova. Il consiglio direttivo ha infatti raggiunto un accordo con la Farr Yacht Design, in base al quale,...

[singlepic=1117,250,170,,left]Mumm 30 – Annapolis – L’Associazione di Classe Mumm 30 si rinnova. Il consiglio direttivo ha infatti raggiunto un accordo con la Farr Yacht Design, in base al quale, a partire dal primo gennaio 2009, il Mumm 30, così chiamato in virtù di una partnership durata dieci anni con la Champagne Mumm, verrà ribattezzato Farr 30.

Secondo il management della classe, la scelta di un nuove nome dovrebbe aiutare lo scafo disegnato da Bruce Farr a rinnovare la propria immagine, rilanciando così un monotipo che nel corso degli ultimi anni è andato incontro a un significativo calo di presenze.

“Siamo molto soddisfatti della scelta di ribattezzare la barca Farr 30 e siamo onorati che abbiano deciso di coinvolgerci nel rinnovamento dello classe – ha spiegato lo stesso Bruce Farr – Questa barca è stata da sempre una delle nostre preferite ed è uno dei one design di trenta piedi più apprezzati, ed è per questo che è gratificante vederla portare il nostro nome”.

[Mumm 30 Press Release] The M30 International Class Association announced today its Owners have voted unanimously to change the name of the Class Association to the Farr 30 International One Design Class. In November, the Class successfully completed an agreement with Farr Yacht Design, Ltd and Bruce Farr to rename the Class. The agreement was subject to approval by M30 Owners in a Class vote under the Class Constitution. The name change and adoption of new logos will now be effective January 1, 2009.

The Class operated for 10 years under a naming rights and sponsorship arrangement with Champagne Mumm. Due to corporate reorganizations and a sale of the Champagne Mumm brand the arrangement was not renewed. After operating as the M30 Class on an interim basis, the Class is very pleased to announce its new name, reuniting the image of the Class with the original designer of this very successful One Design boat.

Nelson Stephenson, Class and World Council President noted that following the adoption of a new Class Constitution in October, the Class has been managed by its World Council and operated through a central Class Office located in Annapolis Maryland. Stagg Yachts, Inc. will continue as the Class Manager. Regional Fleets are being organized to conduct local racing under Class Rules around the World.

Adopting a new name provides a great opportunity for the Class to renew its marketing efforts and move positively into its second decade. Over 225 One Design boats have been built and are racing worldwide. New boats are presently being built by Waterline Systems, Inc in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and orders will be accepted by DK Yachts in Malaysia. Major Fleets are active and growing in Australia, Europe, Russia, Canada, the United States and many other countries around the World.

Stephenson said today, “Farr Yacht Design Ltd, working with Dave Irish, Barry Carroll, and Geoff Stagg, designed a great boat that has provided our Owners with a great One Design racing platform. The Farr 30 brings together Owners for a high level of competition, resulting in a very high fun factor at an affordable cost.”

Bruce Farr commented, “At Farr Yacht Design, we are delighted by the decision to rename as the Farr 30 Class and honored to renew and strengthen our involvement in the Class”. “This boat has been one our favorite designs and is one of the most successful 30 foot One Designs built, so it is gratifying that it now carries our name.

“Our goal in designing the boat was to create a state-of-the-art small offshore One Design that would be fast and exciting, yet uncomplicated and economical. It exceeded expectations and has generated incredible enthusiasm amongst owners and crews, being fun and basically straightforward to sail whilst rewarding skill and effort with extra performance. Strict one design rules and strong Class management have ensured incredibly close, fair racing and competitive fleets in many areas of the world, aboard a fantastic and delightful small Offshore One Design”.

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