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Nessun partecipante statunitense alla Coppa? Sembrerebbe di sì, a meno che non abbia fondamento l'annuncio apparso su Sailing Anarchy, community virtuale che vanta alcuni...

[singlepic=1131,250,170,,left]America’s Cup – Mount Pleasant – Nessun partecipante statunitense alla Coppa? Sembrerebbe di sì, a meno che non abbia fondamento l’annuncio apparso su Sailing Anarchy, community virtuale che vanta alcuni milioni di visitatori ogni mese.

Sull’attivissimo forum del sito internet americano sono apparsi alcuni post relativi ad una sfida lanciata dagli amministratori della community all’America’s Cup.

Per saperne di più, ha intervistato Alan Block, uno degli amministratori della virtul community statunitense.

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AGGIORNAMENTO, ORE 23.51 – E’ del tardo pomeriggio la notizia che la sfida lanciata da Sailing Anarchy non è stata accettata da Alinghi perchè priva di tutta la documentazione necessaria. Tramite il forum del sito internet, Alan Block ha dato conto ai lettori del colloquio avuto con il direttore della comunicazione del defender, Paco La Torre.

[singlepic=1130,250,170,,left]America’s Cup – Mount Pleasant – Sailing Anarchy Challenge‘s Alan Block tolks to about the challenge filed by the virtual sailing community to the 33rd America’s Cup.

To read full story about the challenge you can click here.

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UPDATE, 22.51 GMT – Today afternoon, after the interview, Alinghi published the entry list. Anarchy Challenge is not admitted to the 33rd America Cup. Alan Block, aka Mr. Clean, post this message on Sailing Anarchy forum:

“Well, I finally was able to speak to ACM spokesman Paco LaTorre, who has been very professional with me since I met him in NY at the last big hearing.

He informed us that our entry was simply too incomplete at the deadline to accept, and that Sailing Anarchy‘s lack of credibility did not really inspire ACM to make any effort at “helping” our entry process along as they may have done with other teams. ACM’s position is that the teams that received extensions had more complete applications than we did, that ours was simply too faulty to take seriously. Never mind that we supplied them with information about our Annual Regatta on the same day, or that we supplied them with other verifying documents over the past few days – they were not interested in making it easier for us.

For his part, Paco told me that if it is indeed serious, he thinks Anarchy Challenge is a great idea and would be an asset to the competition, but that it was basically too sketchy to accept at this time, and that we certainly hadn’t garnered any good will with Alinghi over the past six years.

He also pointed out that another window may open up for late entries if SNG win the appeal, and that he hopes that we can continue to gain momentum in case the possibility exists to enter then.

There is a slim chance that a grass roots campaign to petition Alinghi to let us in could have some effect if a few thousand of you send emails to the right place, but in the mean time, that’s all I got.

I never thought I’d be upset about this thing, but it turns out I’m heartbroken. While I did the best I could with our ridiculously last-minute entry, I didn’t do a good enough job of it, and I apologize to all Anarchists for letting you down”.

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